What We Do

Through consulting advisory, implementation, training and support, Cloudware Connections empowers businesses to leverage digital engagement with their customers to drive growth through planning, deployment and management of cloud-based solutions and maximize their investment in Salesforce.com through better alignment with their customer roadmap.

B2B and B2C buying patterns are undergoing a tremendous evolution, and many industries are struggling to keep pace. If you’ve recognized that you need to meet these changes head-on with technology that can evolve with rapidly changing business processes, you’re ahead of the game. We often work with the following Business & IT leaders to solve challenges that you may be facing today:

  • CMOs and marketing VPs who need to catalyze engagement and turn prospects into leads more rapidly than ever before.
  • Senior Sales executives who are tasked with driving pipeline metrics and increasing revenue more efficiently than ever before.
  • Support Services leaders who need to optimize the systems that facilitate technical support, enable outbound prospecting and enhance call-center operations.
  • Channel Managers who needs to facilitate external engagement and communication with suppliers, clients, partners or the public through digital portals.
  • IT directors who are responsible for developing a robust technology infrastructure to enable business users while maintaining data privacy and security.

We help our clients to be more informed, responsive and aligned with their customers. As a Salesforce.com Platinum Partner we have worked with hundreds of customers to deliver solutions across all of the Salesforce.com Clouds. Along with the more common Sales and Customer support offerings, we have delivered custom solutions for Mobile, Collaboration and Web properties. We have extended Force.com to support a wide range of sophisticated, scalable solutions from Scheduling systems to Financial Derivatives platforms. We also are proud to enable solutions the Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Steelbrick CPQ and Zuora based platforms.

For customers launching Recurring Revenue Subscription businesses, Cloudware combines these platforms into a powerful end-to-end solution. We can take your subscription business from concept to implementation, from campaign to billing and everything in between. Keeping pace with today’s empowered customers changing needs, while meeting corporate objectives isn’t without its challenges.

We help by realizing ongoing competitive advantage and support for our clients, enabling them to make the right choices and take action when it matters most to their business.

We provide pragmatic, measurable, positive business impact for our customers in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.

We have also helped deploy innovative solutions in the Software, Pharmaceutical and Energy verticals.



We enable established cloud-based platforms so there is always a good understanding of what is immediately available and what requires extra effort. This helps us have straightforward, constructive discussions on what is possible and how it can be accomplished. We will tell you what you need to hear, through open, transparent discussions, to ensure mutual understanding and your ultimate success.

We will assess what methodology best fits your team and culture, often combining elements of agile and more traditional waterfall design and development processes. It has been our experience that while corporate cultures value agile, they can’t always support the more iterative processes involved. Smaller organizations are usually better suited to leverage agile processes, but they often lack availability to commit the required cycles involved.  

Our approach is a hybrid one, in which business solutions are tackled, architected and visualized to help ensure our clients fully understand what they are signing up for without losing the agility required to respond to refinements along the way. This helps address the ever-changing priorities common in today’s marketplace. 


Whether you are refining or redefining your CRM, customer service, 1:1 marketing, or subscription management processes and technologies from the ground up, they won’t work if your systems and services don’t work well together. We are proud of our strategic alliances with some of the world’s most respected and recognized cloud-based services providers, which enable us to deliver unmatched innovation, performance and excellence.

We have deployed hundreds of successful implementations of Salesforce.com Sales and Service Clouds, Customer and Partner Communities, as well as Force.com and Mobile development with integration to ERP’s, Finance and other systems. We also specialize in enabling Subscription Billing, CPQ, E-Commerce, Marketing and Finance solutions, leveraging the same technology infrastructure and platforms, to provide integrated, coherent solutions.

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About Us

Our team strives to be focused, flexible and collaborative. Though each of us brings something different to our services and offerings, we all share one common vision: to drive our clients’ business forward by making their efforts more manageable, measured and responsive to their business needs.

Our roots are in enterprise software development and integration spanning a wide range of technologies. We respect individual contribution and expertise, recognizing the unique perspective and personality of each individual. Being part of a team of tenured experts in their respective specialties allows us to operate in a network of trust – and each member of the team brings that spirit of trust and respect to our customer relationships.

We deliver value by providing solutions that:

  • Optimize demand generation and maintain lasting customer relations
  • Facilitate an understanding of client and staff needs, what they value and how they behave across all channels, online and off
  • Enable transactional capabilities that support subscription management
  • Measure marketing contribution in understandable, quantifiable terms
  • Establish and improve return on investment
  • Address a mobile reality that requires deeper consumer engagement, with context for situations, preferences and attitudes
  • Integrate with your existing technology investments and back office
  • Offer consultative support in best practices for CRM, Marketing, lead management and sales management.


We have developed blueprints for modernization, automation, and engagement across multiple industries for sales, service, marketing and billing organizations, using technology to enable business results.


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Our Service Philosophy

Deliver Results: Earn business value for your investment.

Be Proactive: Anticipate moments when decisions must be made.

Be Transparent: Let people know what is being done and why.

Take Responsibility: Be responsible and committed to long-term relationships.


We’re proud to work with some very high profile clients, helping them represent their brands and teams, grow their businesses and get unsurpassed results. Our customers come from diverse industries including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods. We have also implemented innovative solutions for the Software, Pharmaceutical and Energy verticals.

  • BMO
  • Rogers
  • Cirque De Soleil
  • Constellation Brands
  • Brookfield
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • HBC
  • RBC
  • Royal Canin
  • Linda.com
  • Staples
  • General Mills
  • SaskTel
  • Xplorenet
  • SHAW
  • MPAC
  • CAE
  • Ricoh
  • Market Wired
  • Hach Lange
  • Air Liquide
  • North Plains Software
  • ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Travelclick


We provide a collaborative environment focused on team results and contribution. We work hard to provide the right fit solutions for our clients as a team, and are proud of our ongoing focus on innovation, continual growth and improvement. Cloudware Connections has established an environment of trust, empowerment and appreciation for the diversity of experience and know-how of each of our team members. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about you.

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Cloudware Connections has headquarters in Mississauga and offices in Toronto, Montreal and Boston. We look forward to meeting with you soon.